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Kate: Babuyin mo ako, JB. I want it wild.

One tiring day after work, I decided to go and take a rest in my place. Opened my laptop to watch and after one movie, I switched to browsing my Facebook and Yahoo Messenger. This story, by the way, happened way back when YM was still the most popular flatform to chat. I entered a Metro Manila room and immediately checked on who were curently online at the time. One nickname caught my attention so I quickly BUZZ and sent her a private message:

blu: (BUZZ)
blu: Hi Kate
kate_heather: Yes?
blu: Care to chat
kate_heather: Sure
blu: 25M from Valenzuela here. What about you?
kate_heather: 19, f, Makati
blue: Saan ka nag-aaral?
kate_heather: UST Med Tech
blu: So you're a growling tigress
kate_heather: Hahaha, Yeah
kate_heather: 'Bout you?
blu: I am working already, freelance photographer
blu: Anong year mo na?
kate_heather: Wow, interesting!
kate_heather: But what course did u finish?
blu: Comscie
kate_heather: Currently on my 4th
blu: Add kita sa Facebook
kate_heather: What's yours?
blu: blu Yahoo
blu: No results found. Private profile ka yata
kate_heather: Yeah, sorry
blue: add me instead
kate_heather: Are you from ADMU?

blu: No! I wish i was though.. Hahaha
kate_heather: I just thought
kate_heather: Because of the color?
blu: Hahaha... Smart chick (*wink)
kate_heather: I had my 1st year in ADMU kasi. Just transferred in USTe on my 2nd year
blu: Nice! But which one would you rather choose?
kate_heather: I'm currently in USTe so I'd prefer UST... Hahaha
blu: Good answer
blu: Sana maging friends tayo. Na-add mo na Facebook?
kate_heather: I hope so (*blush)
blu: Do you watch volleyball?
kate_heather: Yeah, why?
blu: I used to be a fan of UST women's volleyball team
kate_heather: Of whom specifically?
blu: Denise Tan. But she's not playing anymore
kate_heather: Ah, Yeah!
blu: Do you play?
kate_heather: Huh, play what? Haha
blu: Play volleyball I mean
kate_heather: Hahaha! Not really
blu: What else in your mind?
kate_heather: Nevermind (*wink)
kate_heather: I'm into modeling by the way
blu: Great to know that actually
kate_heather: What about you, do u play?
blu: I'd like to shoot you
kate_heather: Huh, salbahe ka! (*smiley)
blu: Bakit naman?
blu: Kung gusto mo lang naman
kate_heather: Shoot me?
blu: Photoshoot
kate_heather: Gotcha (*smiley)
blu: Btw, what play are you asking me I do?
kate_heather: basketball?
blu: Yeah, I play basketball
kate_heather: Just asking

blu: So can i shoot you?
kate_heather: Sure... Hahaha
blu: When are you free?
kate_heather: As long as you're a good shooter
kate_heather: Hahahahaha
blu: You'll never know until I do it to you
kate_heather: Okei
kate_heather: Hahaha
blu: What position do you like?
kate_heather: Oh, gosh?
kate_heather: Are you serious?
blu: Yes
kate_heather: Any position I guess?
kate_heather: Photographers should know the best one
blu: Yes, I know the best position
kate_heather: What?
blu: But is there any position do you like most?
kate_heather: Whatever my photographer wants
blu: Is your whatever really means whatever?
kate_heather08: Uhuh (*wink)
blu: What's your number?
kate_heather: Whats yours?
blu: 09xxxxxxxxx
blued: How about you?
kate_heather: 09xxxxxxxxx, But it's empty now
kate_heather: Tomorrow ko na charge cause I'll sleep na din in a short while
kate_heather: It's Kate Fieri by the way
blu: I'm JB
blu: Just dont switch them
kate_heather: Hahaha
kate_heather: But do you like it? I mean the switched one?
blu: I dont like that
blu: I'd love it though... Hahaha
kate_heather: Hahahaha
kate_heather: Boys will be boys
blu: Sometimes
blu: It depends of course
kate_heather: Depends on what?
blu: I meant buko juice
kate_heather: Thats what i thought
kate_heather: Hahaha (*wink)
blu: But what's with the boys will be boys thing?
kate_heather: Boys love buko juice
blu: I guess girls love it more
kate_heather: Oh, excuse me?
kate_heather: I'ts your satisfaction that we love I guess.. Hahaha
kate_heather: Come on (*wink)
blu: You mean the satisfaction that boys give you?
kate_heather: Nope
kate_heather: Your satisfaction whenever we do bjs
kate_heather08: Hahaha
blued01: But are you good at that?
kate_heather: I don't know actually
kate_heather08: :)
blu: Like when we ask for more?
kate_heather: I think so...
blu: Like when we even pumped your mouth?
kate_heather: Uhuh
blu: And pull your head even closer?
kate_heather: Uhm, yeah?
kate_heather: How long is yours?
blu: 6 to 7
kate_heather: I see
kate_heather08: Hairy?
blu: How many guys have you given bjs?
kate_heather: 1
kate_heather: Just my ex
blu: Hairy as forest
kate_heather: Interesting
kate_heather: Even your balls?
kate_heather: Sorry to brought up this topic
kate_heather: Ikaw kasi eh
blu: That's good
blu: Feeling it?
kate_heather: Mine's not that hairy, I wax once in a while
kate_heather: But right now it has a few hairs on top of its lips
blu: I'd like that
kate_heather: Do you masturbate?
blu: When I talk to a horny chick
kate_heather: I see
blu: So are you feeling it?
kate_heather: Kinda wet
blu: What are you wearing?
kate_heather: I usually wear pantyshorts and lousy shirt without bra in my room
kate_heather: What about you?
blu: I'm wearing a boxer without brief
kate_heather: Do you shave?
blu: No
kate_heather: I see
kate_heather: So it's really hairy?
blu: Yes
blu: It wud tickle your mouth
kate_heather: Damn! I'm feelin' hot as hell
blu: I want to stand behind you
kate_heather: How many girls have you fucked?
blu: 3
kate_heather: I want a nastier conversation
blu: You'd be 4th if you let me spread your legs apart
kate_heather: Gano ka kalibog?
kate_heather: I'd love to
blu: Gusto ko hinahagis hagis sa loob ng room yung babae
kate_heather: Palibugin mo pa ko JB
kate_heather: Tell me nasty stuffs
kate_heather: Aaahhhh
blu: I want to stand behind you
blu: ..and from behind, I'd caress your arms up and down
blu: As i gently kiss and suck on your ears
blu: Then whisper to you, you're so fucking hot, biatch
kate_heather: Then fuck me
blu: I'd fuck the hell out you you all night
kate_heather: Got a cam?
blu: None
blu: Invite me to yours
kate_heather: Don't have as well. My cousin broke it
kate_heather: Damn bad
blu: Are you free tomorrow?
kate_heather: I have my class
blu: I'd like to fuck you while in uniform
kate_heather: Shit
kate_heather: What are you doin' right now?
blu: Rubbing my hard and so erect cock
blu: What about you?
kate_heather: Playing my pussy
blu: What's your uniform?
kate_heather: I'd prefer tagalog terms I guess
kate_heather: Mas nakakalibog
kate_heather: Hahahahahaha
blu: Gusto mong kainin burat ko?
kate_heather: Gray skirt and blouse, parang pang flight attendant
kate_heather: I'd love to
kate_heather: I'll remove your boxers
kate_heather: Kiss your lips
blu: Wag mo muna akong hubaran
kate_heather: Down your neck..
blu: Gusto ko ipasok mo kamay mo sa loob ng boxers ko
kate_heather: Lick your chest then your nipples..
kate_heather: While hinihimas ko bukol sa boxers mo
blu: Shit ka, Kate! You're so fucking biatch
kate_heather: I'll go down your tummy
blu: Yung skirt mo ba above the knee?
kate_heather: Down in between your legs
kate_heather: Kagatkagatin ko gently yung bukol
kate_heather: Yeah
blu: OoohhHhh, Shit
kate_heather: Then I'll go up to kiss your ears
blu: Puta ka, Kate! Ang sarap mo... AaahhHhh
kate_heather: While gumagapang hand ko paloob sa boxers mo
kate_heather: Himasin ko muna yung ulo then hawakan ko mahigpit yung katawan
blu: AaahhHhh, Fuck you!
kate_heather: Slowly taas baba na yung hand ko
blu: Gusto mo ba yung minumura ka?
kate_heather: Down your balls
kate_heather: Then I'lll go down again
kate_heather: Whatever you want
blu: Hayup ka, Kate... Wag kang titigil.. AaahhHhh
kate_heather: Kagatin ko garter ng boxers mo and slowly removing it
blu: Oh, Shit this girl
blu: Talagang kakangkangin kita, Kate
kate_heather: Untill humampas sa tummy mo yung titi mo dahil sa pagkatanggal ng boxers
kate_heather: Then hawakan ko gently
blu: AaahhHhh.. Sarap mo
kate_heather: Lick ko yung head
blued01: OoohhHhh
kate_heather: Habang jina-jakol kita
kate_heather: Then yung shaft
blu: Putang ina!
kate_heather: Down your balls
blu: Puta ka, Kate!
kate_heather: Play it with my tongue
blu: Sarap mo, AaahhHhh
kate_heather: Down your asshole
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